Trial Services

Jurors only retain about 20% of what they hear... With persuasive visuals and superior technologies, they can retain 80% of what they hear and see.

Digital Court Reporters is a full-service agency specializing in all aspects of courtroom presentations, whether it’s to a judge or jury. We understand that a successful presentation can mean the difference between winning and losing. Our services will help educate and inform, using images, videos, timelines, and more. Contact us today!

Digital Trial Presentations

DCR uses the most advanced interactive electronic presentation software to present your evidence at trial or mediations. Your documents, photos, and videos are projected instantly onto large state-of-the-art screens and monitors via high-speed document scanning, MPEG Encoding, and Text to Video Synchronization. DCR offers certified, in-court trial technicians to run and maintain presentation systems.

Timelines, Charts, and Graphs

Charts, graphs, and timelines help to clearly convey to a jury the relevant events and information of your case. DCR’s team will work with you to develop graphics that will stick in a juror’s mind. Our philosophy is to simplify your demonstrative evidence to better assist the jurors in understanding and retaining complex information.

Animations, Illustrations, and Renderings

DCR’s expert designers will work with you to develop persuasive illustrations in 2D or 3D which have compelling visual impact and graphically enhance your message or argument. The jury will comprehend and recall technical detailed information when it is presented in these simple illustrations or maps.

Equipment Rentals

We will provide all equipment required for your trial presentation. DCR uses the most advanced computers, presentation equipment, and software for presenting your evidence at trial.

At DCR we have the experience and the capability to handle all of your litigation presentation needs.

List of Services:

  • Timelines & Chronologies
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Animations
  • Excerpts & Image Enlargements (Blow Ups)
  • Illustrations
  • Digital Trials
  • Photography
  • Media Conversions
  • Equipment Rentals